Van 1 jul tot 31 aug zijn we beperkt bereikbaar op ons kantoornummer (010) 230 67 20. Bereikbaar op werkdagen tussen 09:00 en 12:00 uur.
Van 1 jul tot 31 aug zijn we beperkt bereikbaar op ons kantoornummer (010) 230 67 20. Bereikbaar op werkdagen tussen 09:00 en 12:00 uur.

Kraamzorg Engels – English maternity care

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Welcome to the English maternity care page.

Congratulations on the wonderful news, you’re expecting!

Welcome to our English kraamzorg (maternity care) page on our website. We are here to provide services with English-speaking midwives and experts, especially for families living in the Zuid-Holland region. All information on this page is available in English, and we’ve included a Frequently Asked Questions section where the most common queries are answered in English.

Our focus is on the health and well-being of both the expecting individual and the baby, recognizing the significance of this special period for both. We assist you in navigating various aspects, from baby care to breastfeeding, ensuring the well-being of both you and your newborn. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing support throughout this journey.

We are delighted to offer specialized services to families in the Zuid-Holland region, aiming to help you achieve a healthy and joyous start. Feel free to explore our website for more information about the services and resources we provide.

If you have any questions or specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to delivering the best kraamzorg and maternity care experience for you and your family.

Welcome again!

"Service from the Heart"

Having a baby and how it works in the Netherlands

Having a baby and lifestyle, nutrition and work

Preparation for Birth

  • Inform your family doctor and pharmacy that you are pregnant.
  • Register with a midwife in your area.
  • Notify your health insurance company about your pregnancy. Also, check your coverage. Are you possibly supplementary insured for a maternity package or reimbursement of the own contribution?
  • It is recommended to take folic acid until the 10th week of your pregnancy.
  • Around the 12th week of pregnancy, your midwife will schedule an appointment for the dating ultrasound.
  • Enroll with Kraamzorg So Cute!
  • If you want to take a pregnancy course, now is the perfect time to enroll.
  • During this period, start gathering your baby’s belongings and the necessities for the nursery. If this poses financial challenges, the Babyspullen Foundation can assist you. We are always here to provide support.
  • Arrange an appointment with a midwife or birthing specialist for the 20th-week ultrasound.
  • If you have an employer, inform them about your pregnancy. While it is not mandatory to notify them until three months before your due date, arranging pregnancy leave and related agreements in a timely manner is always advisable.
  • Obtain a pregnancy certificate from a midwife or birthing specialist to request pregnancy leave.
  • If you plan to use daycare services, registering your baby in advance is a good idea as waiting lists can be quite long!
  • Start preparations for birth announcements. (Envelopes and addresses can be prepared beforehand.)
  • Ensure you have all necessary materials for yourself and the baby.
  • Check our baby shopping list for advice.
  • If unmarried or without a formal relationship, arrange the introduction of your baby at the municipality.
  • The health consultant from Kraamzorg So Cute will schedule a phone call for an introductory meeting.
  • Create a birth plan with all your preferences related to childbirth.
  • Make sure you have a maternity care package at home.
  • Prepare a hospital bag for a sudden hospital visit.
  • Wash baby clothes in advance for cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Ensure your camera or photo camera is ready to capture the first moments with your new miracle!

Frequently Asked Questions

Maternity Care – Kraamzorg

Kraamzorg is the care provided immediately after childbirth to a mother and her newborn. It includes various aspects of care and support, including medical check-ups for both the mother and the baby, assistance with breastfeeding, guidance in baby care, and overall support for the family in the first days or weeks after childbirth.

A maternity care specialist, also known as a maternity nurse, plays a crucial role in providing maternity care. This professional assists with the mother’s daily activities, provides advice on health and well-being, and ensures the family makes a good start in caring for the newborn. The goal of maternity care is to promote the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby and to support the family in the transition to parenthood.

The most accurate option is to register for our kraamzorg service as soon as possible when you discover you are pregnant. It is important to register immediately to benefit from our services after childbirth. You can complete your registration on our website at If you prefer to register by phone, you can reach us at the following number: 010 23 06 720.

In the Netherlands, kraamzorg is covered under the Basic Insurance if you have valid health insurance. However, there is a co-payment of €5.10 per hour. You have the option to take out additional health insurance to cover this fee. It’s important to note that not all health insurance companies cover this co-payment, so it’s best to contact your specific health insurance provider for detailed information on this matter.

The term “Eigen bijdrage kraamzorg” refers to the individual’s co-payment when benefiting from maternity care (kraamzorg) services in the Netherlands. In other words, it indicates the amount you need to pay when using maternity care services. The co-payment amount applicable in 2024 is € 5,10.

In the postnatal period, kraamzorg services, which are provided to meet the needs of the mother and baby, are typically offered for an average duration of 49 hours, spread over 8 days. During this time, a maternity care specialist monitors the mother’s health, assists in baby care, and provides necessary medical support. According to the legal regulations in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to provide mothers with at least 24 hours of kraamzorg services after childbirth.

Additionally, to receive services on the 9th and 10th days, approval from the midwife (Verloskundige) is required. The maximum total service duration a mother can receive is 80 hours. For each day spent in the hospital, 6 hours are subtracted from the total service duration. The calculation begins on the first day of childbirth.

Yes, you can choose your own kraamzorg organization. In the Netherlands, you have the right to select the maternity care organization that you prefer for your pregnancy and childbirth process. However, it is important to check whether your health insurance covers this organization when making your choice. You can obtain relevant information from your health insurance or your maternity care professional.

A maternity care specialist plays a significant role in focusing on the care of the mother and baby during the postnatal period. Our specialists at the organization have received specialized training, emphasizing both traditional and cultural values. They monitor the health of the mother and baby, provide assistance with breastfeeding, handle household chores, create a calm environment, offer education, and collaborate with medical professionals when necessary. Our goal is not only to provide physical care but also to contribute to the well-being of the mother and baby by offering emotional support. The organization considers religious sensitivities to tailor its services to the needs and values of families.

Yes, Kraamzorg So Cute provides services in different languages, and Turkish is one of them. However, remember to check the postal code to find out where the services are offered. Receiving kraamzorg in your own language allows for better communication, adherence to cultural and Islamic customs, and facilitates easier interaction between the family, visitors, and the maternity care specialist.

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